New Heathens

Friday, May 30 at Beast of BurbonQ




My first rock show of original stuff in years. (Blues, Zevon, Stones too.) Big room, good BBQ, lotsa' beers & bourbons. C'mon.



Tonight at (where else?) Beast of Bourbon

Stones at Beast


Dirty Work

Singing tomorrow with the Dirty Gents (a lineup that looks an awful lot like the Dukes of Haggard). Club kids, beware. 


Executive Produced!

Friends, check out this great new single by Elena & Boo, of the Demolition String Band. It's produced by Eric "Roscoe" Ambel and executive produced by me.

Here's a photo from the session.

Read the backstory here.



Friends, please come out to the Delancey tonight at 9 p.m. to see the album release show for Shu Nakamura. Shu is a longtime bud, an excellent dude, and one of the finest guitar players ever produced by the great nation of Japan. He enlisted me and three other rockers for his backing band, called the "Ninja Choir." In addition to playing a few Japanese rock standards, Shu's going to play original tunes that deal with such topics as: ninja fighting, samauris, dermatological maladies and bathing cats (spoiler -- not a euphemism.)

Gonna' be a good 'un!