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Heathens Like Me Reviewed In Miles of Music

The New York City-based New Heathens have members from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Montana and the Empire State. Their gritty heartland-meets-Southern rock seems to reflect this spread, touching on a variety of rootsy elements that suggest they`ve been around. Their sound is a little trashy and brash with a straight-ahead feel, but with just enough energetic recklessness to move you along. The guiding force behind the band is working journalist and songwriter Nate Schweber, whose almost-journalistic stories carry the songs. The hooks within those stories accent each song with a catchy sing-a-long that recalls similar numbers from The Georgia Satellites or Drive-By Truckers. One track sounds like neither, the dark and moody tribute to Hunter S. Thompson, Doomed Generation.` And certainly their closing set cover sounds like the faithful rendition that it is, `For Cryin` Out Loud` by The Yayhoos.

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