New Heathens

Eric here: Yeah the Rodeo Bar gig had to be one of our best in a while - there was a good vibe from the back of the stage to the end of the bar. Was also great having my crew in the house (or is it my posse in the club? gang in the manger? mob in the wagon?...) And thanks to Tobi for snapping a lot of cool photos for us...take a look and see what you missed/experienced.

So we have the big recording session scheduled for this weekend, and I'm really excited. I joined the band right after the 1st album came out, so now I get a chance to lay down some new studio tracks with the guys (we have some live tracks floating around, but, ya know, it aint the same).

I'm also really excited to be playing with our friends the lovely and talented Charlene and equally talented (but somewhat less lovely) Mo of Spanking Charlene next Friday (Aug 3) at NYC's Pianos (on increasingly crowded and obnoxious Ludlow St). And a warning to anyone driving & parking on Ludlow: the night regs start at midnight, and I had a $135 parking ticket stuck on my windscreen last year for failing to move my car by 12:00:01AM.

Oh and for those that have read down this far, let me just say that the new Magic Numbers album 'Those the Brokes' is really great.

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