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By With A Little Help From…

5:21 a.m. and just walked in my apartment door after playing four sets and driving a combined eight hours to and from Delhi, NY. We played the Sol Bar, a great little spot owned by our pal Jonah. The only problem is Delhi, NY, nestled in the Catskill Mountains, can be a little tricky to find. Then there's the fact that the road to Delhi from Roscoe, NY (a.k.a. "Trout City U.S.A.") was washed out in a flash flood a few months ago. Even though I worked on the story about that fatal flood, I didn't think to warn Dan the Bass Man about the ruined road. He got stuck in detour hell and we had to go bassless on our first set a-la the White Stripes (without, as Eric pointed out, a babe at the drumset).

Fortunately our buddies in Future Farmers of America were in the crowd and they ran down the road to get their instruments to sit in with us. The FFA/Heathens mix-up sounded awesome (particularly on "Dead Flowers" when we got Chico belting the background vox into the microphone). The house, packed with a class of 1987 reunion, seemed to dig it. After the show a woman told me I have "good thrust."

We'll be back in Delhi on Sept. 21 and then in neighboring Bovina on Sept. 22 for Livestock, the brain child of Mr. Chico Finn and easily the best roots rock festival probably in the nation.

And we'll be in Easton, PA in fifteen hours...

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