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Callicoon, NY with Spanking Charlene

Had a real, real fun gig in Callicoon, NY (about two hours north of the city) with our rockin' pals in Spanking Charlene. We played a club called Sidetracks. The inside looked like a rec room and a grip of dudes played beer pong on a table right in front of the bands. Ping pong balls bounced around our feet and the dudes bumbled over and pick 'em up around our sound pedals. Charlene, displaying characteristic moxie, snatched one of the balls and the dude who came to retrieve it started grind dancing with her, then got down on his knees and threatened to stick his noggin up underneath her short skirt. Charlene gave him the ball back and bellowed, "Thank you!"

We saw our friend Michelle and some of her crew. Also met a very cool journalist/DJ who gave us a nice write-up in the local paper and a second cool DJ who dug it when Charlene and I sang a few Gram Parsons songs together.

Butch sounded badass all night long.

Dan and Eric played with Charlene and they both sounded killer. Spanking Charlene played an incindiary set and Butch and I were way impressed with how Dan Ambrico nailed theri basslines on his first gig with them.

Hopefully we can play some more upstate gigs with Spanking Charlene. That was great fun!

The New Heathens have a pretty light August and first part of September. I'm off to Montana to catch fish and visit my family (in that order). Domenick is likewise headed to his home turf to do some fishing. Eric is bound for destinations unknown. I can't speak for Dan but Butch has something really, really cool coming up.

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