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Cowboy Technical Studios Day #1

Saturday, July 28, 2007, Just finished our first day in the studio for what we hope turns into our second album. We recorded at Cowboy Technical Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the studio’s owner, Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, is producing us.

I’ve been a longtime fan of Roscoe’s work, most notably his work producing one of my favorite bands the Bottle Rockets, as well as his guitar playing with the Yayhoos and Steve Earle. It’s really cool to have him working with the Heathens.

We cut “Feelin’ Lucky Again,” which is a sleek, powerful, cruising song. We also cut “Don’t Think I Can’t Stop (Just Because I Don’t),” kind of a folk rock number on which Domenick played electric 12-string. We also cut a song that Domenick wrote called “27 Years,” kind of a Crazy Horse type of song that featured a badass outro solo from Butch Phelps.

Eric Seftel’s drumming never sounded bigger or better, and Dan Ambrico was the ambassador of the subterrain. He worked hard locking in with Eric, at Roscoe’s suggestion.

Tim Hatfield was the engineer, and he was very cool (plus his name is there on the credits on Keith Richards' second solo record "Main Offender," one of my all-time favorites!). We made our first record at Cowboy Technical Studios, so it felt great to be back in there to take another crack at things (especially with the new air conditioner in the place, which was noticeably lacking in July 2005). When we made Heathens Like Me, we had played three shows. Now we’ve played more than 100.

We go back tomorrow at noon. I can’t wait.

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