New Heathens


The New Heathens and some New Shethens performing "Legs" onstage at our ZZ Top Halloween party. The "Best Beard" winner is stage left with the lips on her belt. The "Best Legs" winner is stage right, dressed as the babe in the Legs video. In the middle are two Robert Palmer babes from the Simply Irresistable video.

Thanks to all the bands, B.B. Gun, Coppersonic, Wicked Messengers, Diablo Royale and Cheap SunglasseZZ for kicking out some badass jams.

Not to be sour grapes, but if hotels and restaurants can get online reviews, then I think rock clubs should also. Here's mine for the Annex, where we did our ZZ party Monday night.

The Annex, 158 Orchard Street, New York City
Stage: Four of five stars.
Soundguy: Five of five.
Bartenders: Zero of five.
Talent buyer: Negative five of five stars.

Mr. Cheap Sunglasses himself, Butch Phelps.

The polar opposite of the Annex is The Corkscrew in Jersey City, where we played on Saturday night. It's an awesome neighborhood bar with great bartenders and a wonderful vibe. We played two sets there, celebrated Domenick's birthday, and allegedly packed in more people than the place ever had before.

Happy Halloween.

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