New Heathens

Don’ Hill’s

Brandy called us late on Tuesday asking if we could play a last-minute gig at Don' Hill's. Factoid: Domenick Tiziano's first ever gig in NYC was at Don Hill's opening up for none other than Norah Jones.

He had a rockin' little homecoming, plugged through a Marshall Stack. Butch plugged his big, bad, black Gretch into one too. Eric was up high on a drum riser surrounded by a cloud of fake smoke.

Eric, on the drums, through a cloud of smoke

The band was rocking along beautifully until...the PA system cut out. "You will get a show!" Brandy hollered to the crowd. I strapped on my wooden guitar and belted out tunes a-capella with Brandy and Domenick chiming in with harmonies and Butch bashing out badass licks. Gotta' love a band that's got 'yer back when the power is down!

Once the PA was up and running again we romped through the rest of our set. Butch set fire to Pig Pen, and we ended with "When She's Wasted." Miss Brandy says it's the best she can remember us sounding (and if someone in the band is happy, I'M happy!)

Afterward Brandy joined the house band and sang the holy smoke out of Humble Pie's 30 Days in the Hole and the Faces' Stay With Me.

Brandy, channeling Steve Mariott & Rod Stewart

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