New Heathens

Goodbye Blue Monday

New Heathens at Goodbye Blue Monday, 3/1/08

The New Heathens played a funky little antique store called Goodbye Blue Monday in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn on Saturday night. We were joined by our friends Spanking Charlene and Joe Cassady & the West End Sound.

Domenick (left) just got back from a Caribbean cruise in which he gave a rock (the sparkly, "I'm gonna' love you forever" kind) to his girlfriend Agatha. Then he gave the rock to everybody at Goodbye Blue Monday. He didn't get vaccinated before he left on vacation so somewhere down in the tropics Domenick caught a severe case of slide guitar. Watch out! Dude is sick!

Big thanks to all our friends who came out, especially Minerva and her crew of New Heathens superfans who trekked across two rivers, all the way from Jersey City, to whoop it up and show Joe Cassady's pretty wife how to dance. Minerva, you're the best and we can't wait to check out a BoDeans show with you in April.

Charlene, emoting, during her badass new song (my adopted themesong) "Stupid Stupid Me."

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