New Heathens

Ours Go Up To 11(th Street Bar)

Singing with beautiful & talented Brooke Lunde, mastermind behind the Newville Sessions

Kenny, the unflappable chieftain of the 11th Street Bar told me a funny story on Wednesday night about a police officer, concerned about neighborhood noise ordinances, paying him a recent visit.

Officer: "Kenny, do you ever have bands here at the 11th Street Bar?"

Kenny: "No officer."

Officer: "I see online that a band called the New Heathens is scheduled to play here on Wednesday."

Kenny: "Thanks for reminding me."

Half hoping for a Blues Brothers-esque scene ("And we would especially like to welcome all the representatives from New York's law enforcement community,") we barnstormed the 11th Street Bar last night and had a great time. Charlene McPherson joined us to sing Gram Parsons', "100 Years,", and for the first time Brooke Lunde, my good friend and founder of Banjo Jim's cool Newville Sessions, joined us on "Proud Highway."

Butch sang the heck out of "Pig Pen" and Domenick and I shared a microphone on his new song "Responsible." Brandy, in her t-shirt that read the two things she loves most about the south are Jack and Charlie, sang wonderful backup harmonies. And Eric played with a maestro's touch on drums that were half his, and half superstar drummer James Wormworth's.

Brooke Lunde's band played after us and they tore it up. Good thing there weren't any cops around...

New Heathens with wooden instruments AND Brandy Wood at the 11th Street Bar

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