New Heathens

Arlene’s, Newville, Shayni Rae’s Truck Stop, Shine A Light

The New Heathens played another fun night at Arlene's Grocery with the Apple Brothers and Tom Clark and the High Action Boys . A pretty damn good time!

And look at the sweet picture we took after the gig.

I had a blast playing Newville on Thursday. Played a couple of my own tunes then really had fun singing backup for Keith Christopher along with Brooke Lunde and Emory Joseph.

On Monday I played in what's turning into a very cool roots rock hang at the National Underground on Houston Street. It's called Shayni Rae's Truck Stop and most weeks it features Kevin Kinney , as well as a good lookin' bunch of soulful young'uns from Ohio called the Madison Square Gardeners.

I was pretty psyched to play. A couple weeks ago I saw Patterson Hood and Shonna Tucker from the Drive By Truckers hanging out there. Laura Cantrell too. I hear Justin Townes Earle is going to play next week...

Rounded up a posse of friends on Saturday and went and saw the new Rolling Stones movie "Shine A Light" at the IMAX theatre. OH BABY THIS MOVIE ROCKS! OW! OH YEAH! GET DOWN NOW, UGH!

Best of all, after the movie Emory suggested we go and rock out a little bit ourselves. So he, Keith, Brandy and I ended up back at the apartment I now share with our cool manager Kori Burkholder and we had a jam y'all.


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