New Heathens

Boston Reschedule, Cool Letter

Friends, as you know we had to cancel our Boston show on 4.26. Really bummed me out.

Our friend Mike, who has played our tunes on his awesome podshow UC Radio Podshow , forwarded me this letter he got from a friend of his who saw us in New York recently. Pretty cool.


It's been awhile . Just wanted to give to a heads up on some random UC Radio band related stuff happening recently:

I went to check out the New Heathens again a few weeks ago with my buddy Pat. They played at Rodeo Bar on the upper east side and just like the last time, they rocked!!! We sat on the side with a glass of Bookers and a beer chaser each and they got the crowd going! This place was perfect for the band. With sawdust on the floor and wood paneling on the walls, listening to "For Cryin' Out Loud" and "July First" seemed to fit perfectly. As my buddy pointed out, he had the swagger of the early days of Mick Jagger while the music was definitely a throwback to rock/blues with a hint of country. We talked to Nate and he mentioned to say hi to you.


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