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Solo Acoustic in Boston With One Lone Car

Andy, from One Lone Car

My buddy Andy, from the St. Louis Band One Lone Car , who are on tour with the Gin Blossoms called me up on Saturday and asked if I'd like to come to Boston to open up for them at the Cafe Midway the following night.

Would I LIKE to ride five hours on a bus, play by myself to a near-empty bar on Mother's Day, drink rotgut whiskey, forage potato chip crumbs for dinner, and sleep on a hotel floor in a room stuffed with five other dudes? Hell yeah I would!

Here's what Andy wrote on One Lone Car's blog about the night:

"What a time we had in Boston. Last night we played a great club called The Midway. Our good friend Nate Schweber, of NYC's New Heathens fame, joined us on the bill. He took a bus from NYC, made it just in time to play, partied hard with us, and then slept in his leather jacket. Now that is the description of a true rocker. We all could learn a lot from him."

Study on, boys!

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