New Heathens

All Together Now!

New Heathens played at the 11th Street Bar last night and look who came out...everybody!

Singing the Backsliders' "Abe Lincoln," with Brandy. Out of frame is the song's author, Chip Robinson, flipping Butch the bird. Also note my Monty Warren t-shirt, he'll be at the Lakeside Lounge on Sept. 27, check it.


And from Brandy and Bart's wedding on the 4th of July...

On the left, in the cast, is Eric Jayk the charismatic frontman of the band Wildstreet. On the right is groom and Wildstreet collaborator Bart (who also came out to 11th Street last night, clad in slightly less white).

Steve Wynn jumped onstage to play the ever-romantic song "Money (That's What I Want)"

Brandy's mom, Sue Wood, fiddled the more apropos, "It Had To Be You." (In case you wondered if Brandy's musical talent had a genetic link).

Brandy, serenading her beloved Bart (foreground) with the tune, "Inagaddadavida." Dig!

Happily ever after...

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  1. Thanks for sharing these, Nate. Congrats to Brandy & Bart and to Sue Wood all I can say is WOW! 🙂

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