New Heathens

Baltimore, The Best NH Fans Around

The New Heathens took it down to Baltimore last Friday for a gig at our favorite spot there, the Waterfront Hotel. We had a few members out for matrimonial reasons (Dom, Brandy) so my friend and great songwriter and guitar player Jon Itkin and his bassist Ben Sparks helped us out.

Me, striking a typical, understated pose. In the background are Jon Itkin on the left and Ben Sparks on the right, helping us out on guitar and bass respectively.


Gotta' give a shout out to a couple of our biggest and best fans. Minerva, a.k.a. the "Bodiva," pictured below in the Jersey Girl t-shirt, drove all the way to Baltimore from Jersey City to see us play. Her friend Andi came all the way up from Virginia Beach for the show. And their friend Tamara, who we hadn't had the pleasure of meeting before, came from California. Gasoline ain't CHEAP, friends, these Gals are simply the best fans any band could ask for. Love 'ya all.

New Heathens, up top, and the New Heathen 'Gals below, Minerva, Tamara and Andi.

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