New Heathens

Dan Debauchery!

Went to Chicago last week for a couple days of family business and had the good fortune of timing my stay along with a gig by one of my favorite dudes and one of the New Heathens' staunchest supporters, Dan McGuinness.

"Danimal," as he's affectionately known, hosts an internet radio show called Daytime Debauchery. When the Heathens descended on Chicago in April '07, the Danimal welcomed us into his studio with Chicago pizza, Miller Genuine Draft, and open microphones for us to sing and strum on. I wrote a blog about it here.

Dan's got his own band, Blue Diamond Revival , and last Wednesday I took my mom as my date and we went to check him out at Fitzgerald's, a rockin' little roots-rock joint in Berwyn, IL, a suburb on the southwest side of Chicago.

Danimal at Fitzgeralds in Berwyn, IL

Dan the Man kicked out some killer original tunes and a heap of tasty Creedence covers.

Me with Dan and his radio co-host Mike.

Dan's gonna' be in NYC in September, so we're looking forward to doing a show with him around that third Saturday in the month. Dig it, check it, stay tuned.

In the meantime, Butch, Domenick and I roughed out about eight new tunes in a smoky Hell's Kitchen studio yesterday...

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