New Heathens

Rehearsals, Stooges, Fourteen Feet, Sucker Curse Pt. 2

Butch and I went to Domenick's house last night and worked on some cool music stuff. Stay tuned everybody...

Friday nite saw one of the best shows I ever saw. IGGY & THE STOOGES. Excitement! Weirdness! Energy!

No Fun? No! BIG FUN!

Later that night Dug the CD release party at the Lakeside Lounge of one of our good friends' bands, Fourteen Feet.

They got a mighty fine sounding new record.

On a personal note, despite thinking I'd shaken it, my SUCKER CURSE continues. After a day of work on Saturday I returned to the NJ fishing hole where upon my last visit I became cursed by catching a big, ugly sucker. A curse that initially manifested itself in the dunking of my cell phone when I bent down to unhook the wretched beast.

Immediately upon pulling into the parking area at the stream's edge I was pulled over by the lone town policeman, who was doing random license plate checks on a Saturday night. Turns out mine was suspended for failure to pay a parking ticket in Newark, NJ several months ago. I had to pay $175 in fines to get my license restored and I have to go to court tomorrow morning to fight my ticket for driving while suspended.

Worst of all the officer made me call a buddy to drive my car away (as I was prohibited from operating any vehicles) and he waited with me the whole time. SO I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO WET A LINE.

How will the curse of the sucker play out? Stay tuned and find out.

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