New Heathens

Summer Vacation!

Butch is in Cape Cod, Domenick is in Chicago and Brandy (I think) is in New York and I'm in Montana, minutes from charging into the wilderness in search of trout.

The New Heathens will play at Banjo Jim's, one of our favorite real good music clubs, on Sept. 20. First hometown gig in a while, so it should be a damn fun one.

Sucker curse, you ask? On Monday paid $75 to the city of Newark for the parking ticket plus $100 to the state Motor Vehicle Commission to get my license reinstated. On Tuesday the New York City Marshall towed my car for failure to pay tickets in Manhattan. I won't even TELL you how much that was (suffice to say it was many times the amount I owed in New Jersey). Then on Thursday when I drove way-the-hell out to see a judge about the initial ticket I got on Saturday, he fined me another $140.

All this for a car that if melted down and sold for scrap wouldn't net me enough money to buy a new set of guitar strings.

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