New Heathens

Gettin’ Ready for Saturday, Truckstoppin’

The New Heathens ramped up for our gig this Saturday at Banjo Jim's at 9 p.m. sharp . We practiced at a swanky studio, Euphoria, and we sounded so good I kept thinking about the title of one of my favorite Muddy Waters albums" (This is good, because we're set to do some more recording on Friday and Saturday.)
The first lady of the bass, Ms. Brandy Wood
Tony Graci on the skins.
After the gig I rambled to my favorite Monday late-nite haunt, Shayni Rae's Truck Stop at the National Underground. Played a few songs solo, listened to the always-money Madison Square Gardners, and shared a table with two of my favorites, Kevin Kinney and Tom Clark

Don't forget my buddy' Alex Battles' Brooklyn Country Music Festival this week.
See 'ya Saturday...
Kevin Kinney

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