New Heathens

Rockin’ in the Studio, Banjo Jim’s

Big day yesterday. Went back to the studio.

Roscoe, the self-described "Producer Kramer."

Tim "Timbo" Hatfield, engineer, Chris(o?) the assistant engineer on dueling computers.

Charlene McPherson from Spanking Charlene came in during the afternoon and sang some suh-weet sounding background vocals on the song "Don't Think I Can't Stop (Just Because I Don't)." Can't WAIT for you to hear it!


Then we played a real fun gig at Banjo Jim's.
Butch, gets an earful
Duet with Brandy
In the middle of our set the cops had to haul out a menacing dude. But Drina Seay sang with us. So did Charlene (and later I played harmonica on a couple songs at Charlene's show at the Lakeside Lounge).

Our buddy Dan McGuinness, from Chicago, opened for us. It was his first gig in NYC and he completely won over the crowd.

Speaking of Chicago, the CUBS CLINCHED THE DIVISION!!!

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