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Played a charity show for Habitat for Humanity in Hudson County, New Jersey this evening. Our great friend Minerva, perhaps the only New Heathens fan to see us play shows in four different states, works for Habitat's and asked to provide the entertainment at a church in Jersey City. We were more than happy to help out for a good cause.

The real star attraction of the night was Ashley Fairfield, better known as Miss New Jersey 2008

THAT's the autographed photo that Domenic(k) scored for his cubicle at work. Ashley was kind enough to sign a photo of herself for anybody who asked.

The gig was great fun. As Domenick and I were the only Heathens who could do the gig, we played as our acoustic-duo alter-ego, "Dominator," (Get it,"Dom and Nate?") We also discovered a great band called The Milwaukees. Plus it was nice to do a favor for our friends Minerva and her husband Tom, who have been some of our staunchest supporters. Oh yeah, it was pretty cool to help people in need get into homes too.

I was psyched to meet Miss New Jersey and I got to ask her a bunch of questions about how she became a beauty queen, and the upcoming reality-TV show she'll star in that airs just before the Miss USA pageant. But I just have memories. Domenick has the autograph.

Left to right that's Domenick, MISS NEW JERSEY, me and Margaret (with rockin' guitar) who is on Habitat for Humanity's board of directors.

The New Heathens want to wish Ashley the best of luck in her quest to be Miss USA. In addition to her confiding in me that it's been her dream since she was a little girl, I want to be able to brag that we hung out with Miss USA.

(That way Domenick would be the coolest guy in his office forever.)

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