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Happy Holidays, Do Good Deeds

That's my mini-tree, complete with presents thanks to a care package from Dad (thanks Dad). The feline is Callie, who belongs to my roommate, and is my best friend. We've been rocking to Keef's version of Run, Run Rudolph all afternoon.

Happy Holidays to you & yours. My most poignant holiday moment came last night when I was walking with a guitar playing friend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from one fabulous Argentinian restaurant to another (where we would go on to sing Stones songs until 5 a.m.) A gentleman in a round black hat carrying a menorah greeted us by saying, "Happy Hanukkah, I am Jewish, are either of you Jewish?"

"Nope," we said.

"Well today we celebrate Hanukkah and we encourage good deeds. Please do good deeds."

And away he walked. Simple as that. Please do good deeds.

I feel especially good this holiday season because of how great the songs the New Heathens recorded last weekend sound. I've got 'em on an iPod loop and they're still my favorites. Hopefully one of these days you might consider making them yours too...

Finally, good fish news. Anybody see my totally non-music related post about bull trout a few weeks back? Well, according to a Christmas Day story from the Associated Press, the White House now admits that bull trout were not given critical habitat protection on federal lands because of an administration appointee who meddled with the science and bullied workers in the US Fish & Wildlife Service. This administration is now reconsidering its positions, and they may be revisited again in the next administration.

Please do good deeds, administrations...

There's another really cool article about scientists working to save Montana's native trout on one of my favorite websites, New West.

Study this!

Special shout out here to a couple of my favorite fish bloggers, Jack & Merle of Wapiti Waters.

OK, now you know where my head is at this Christmas Day. Off to my buddy John Holl's house for dinner...

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