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Prax, Odetta, THIS Is Fly…

OK, music news first. Had a Heathens practice last night with our producer-Kramer, Roscoe. Band sounded mighty fine. We're tuning up to do some more recording at the end of this month. Worked on three songs, a rocker that Domenick wrote called "Responsible," a soldier-song of mine called "Thankless War" and kinda' a kiss-off tune I wrote called "I Thought You Were My Friend."

While we were figuring out our songs the names of bands referenced included Crosby, Stills & Nash, Steve Miller, Neil Young, Dire Straits, Wilco and the Stones. Can't wait to throw 'em all into the pot in the studio and see what kind of soup comes out.

More music: sad to see that folk singer and civil rights activist Odetta passed away. My favorite memory of her was watching her jump up at Banjo Jim's last winter and belt out, "Old Cotton Fields Back Home" with the string band onstage. Don't know who was more surprised, the audience, or the band! Damn cool to see a legend at your neighborhood bar. Thanks for the music, Odetta.

(Really cool interview with her here.)

Last, y'all know my affinity for flyfishing. Well, now I'm a published flyfishing writer. The ultra-cool, online flyfishing magazine This Is Fly published a story I wrote about fishing in Montana's South Fork of the Flathead River last summer. (The editor thought it was cool that a rock 'n' roll dude from NYC was into fishing for Westslope Cutthroat trout ).

My good friend Michael St. George [who I may have been out listening to Stones tunes with until 4 this morning] said "Only Led Zeppelin has cooler R&R fish stories than this one."

So, read all about how I ended up half-nekkid' in front of a grizzly bear. Page 59.

Nate, trout, Scout (the dog)

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