New Heathens

Buckin’ Around

What a New York treasure the Demolition String Band are. They hosted a Buck Owens tribute last night at the Rodeo Bar and it was a hoot, start to finish. Here are a few of the awesome talents who went up and threw down.
Sweethearts Eleanor Whitmore & Chris Masterson (of Son Volt)

The inimitable Alex Battles.

Brand new Wicked Cool Records Recording Artist Charlene McPherson!

Plus a smorgasboard of other awesome talent including Mary McBride, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Thirsty Dave from Western Caravan , Jack Grace, and these collection of honkers, strummers, squeezers and shouters...
With pedal steel, sax, squeeze box

I did "Cryin' Time" and "Truck Drivin' Man." Boo-yah.

Big thanks to the Demo String Band for havin' the love, smarts, talent, inclination and above all the generosity to share their stage with different musicians from all over the city. How many in "the scene" have met new fans, bandmates, significant others, etc. all because of Boo and Elena? Man, I've lost count of how many I'VE met because of them.

Thanks you two. Can't wait for the next one...

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