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New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Some entire years haven't rocked as hard as this New Year's Eve.

Played a two hour set of Stones tunes at the Lakeside Lounge with a pickup band (we don't even have a name!) The Stones-covering Mike Hunt Band played right before us and brought out the hardcore Rolling Stones fanclub members, The Shadoobies. This is me, in an Uncle Sam hat, in front of a roomfull of hard partying Shadoobies.

No rehearsal, we, the dimmer, Glimmer Twins, just called out one Stones tune after another.

Had some great musicians and friends join us onstage. Here's an all-star "Dead Flowers:" Left to right, Mary Lee Kortes, Charlene McPherson, Epic, Chip Robinson, me, J.D. Hughes (drums), Gitano
Singing with Charlene, who wailed like one of Hell's Belles, on Gimme Shelter.

The party went laaaaaaaaate...Left to right, unknown (!), Amy, Mary Lee, Charlene, Butch

Roscoe, Alex, the terrific soundguy at the Lakeside, and Charlene

Revelers! Melanie, Butch, Kori
Screwdriver Mo
Partying proprietor: Mary Lee, Roscoe
Latenite Butch
Before that I played an acoustic set with Gitano and Pete at El Almacen, the brilliant new Argentinian cafe that just opened up in Williamsburg. (We did the same thing on Christmas Eve).
Strumming in the back of El Almacen as the ball dropped.
Harp solo
A handfull of diners, as well as the waitstaff pictured here, all had a good time.
Gitano, me, Pete< On New Year's Day I played the Hank-O-Rama, Hank Williams Sr. tribute, at the Rodeo Bar. My friend and fellow rocking reporter Steve Strunsky and his band the Lonesome Prairie Dogs set up the gig. Gitano, Pete and I played "Honky Tonk Blues," "Jambalaya," and "Move It On Over." I went up and played a couple more songs when the Hank-O was over. Here's me with (left to right) Steve "Lonesome Luke" Strunsky, Sean "Coverboy" Kershaw, me, Lindy Loo, and Heid Lonesome.

On Saturday night I sat in on harmonica at the Lakeside Lounge with one of my favorite bands, The Izzys. Musta' played good, because afterward a lady asked me for my autograph!
The Izzys, the NYC band that no other NYC band wants to meet on a basketball court. The Spud Webb stage right is me.

A good, rocking harbinger for the year ahead.

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