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Fire & Ice

My cabin fever finally hit critical mass and I went flyfishing for the first time this year over the weekend. The fact that I have no fish pictures to post speaks to my catch rate. Still, it was awful pretty...
Went to a really cool, really great restaurant in Chinatown on Saturday Night called Grand Sichuan. Here the servers put a boiling pot of regular broth and a pot of boiling broth filled with Sichuan peppers in the middle of the table. Then you order raw food and cook it in the pot of your choice.
This is the non-hot hot pot:

And this is the hot pot that will MELT YOUR FACE OFF.

Don't believe me? Larry, on the left in this picture, boasted of traveling to China to eat the spicy food there. Notice the color of his face, the sweat, the napkin raised to wipe away tears and the laughter of his friend Justin after eating from the insanity pot.
Sweat & tears
The restaurant is located right here, on Canal Street between Bowery and the Manhattan Bridge.
Happy to see Alison Krauss and Robert Plant clean up at the Grammys last nite. Really happy to see John Mayer, Buddy Guy, BB King and Keith Urban pay homage to Bo Diddley.

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