New Heathens

Hello Disaster, Goodbye Domenick!

Had a good day recording at Roscoe's home studio yesterday. Laid down the groundwork for a couple songs that I hope will round out the New Heathens record, which Domenick says we should call, "Hello Disaster."
Lord of the manor, Roscoe
Don't wanna' give TOO much away, but the songs we worked on sound cool and vibe-y. I sang into this really clear sounding Cad microphone.

Also played on this real fun Blueridge guitar that belongs to Roscoe's wife, Mary Lee Kortes. It's also, he told me, all over Chip Robinson's great new record.

Domenick Tiziano, a New Heathen from day one, is moving to Warsaw, Poland this weekend. He and his new bride both have jobs over there. Had dinner with him last night at the Rodeo Bar, a place where we've had plenty of fun
Dom would think this picture is funny.

He swears he'll fly across the ocean for special New Heathens gigs. We'll take him up on the offer.

Bone-rattling news about another New York region plane crash this morning, this one tragic. Mercy.

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