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Oh No Keith Di-in’t! Who Let The Dogs Out?

Digging the Dancing Keith

One of my favorite individuals on earth is Keith Christopher, the most FONKY bass player around and a legendary crack-up. Had the pleasure of doing a bar gig with him in Jersey City last night and both in The Frankenraisin and then during the afterparty, Keith spun a CD of rough cuts from his forthcoming debut solo record. The songs are INSANE, great, funny, funky, rockin'! The first song, "Oh No You Di'in't," had us doubled over laughing but grooving like mad to it's Keith-and-the-Winos riff (somethin' 'bout the name "Keith"). Then Mistah Christopher laid on us this wild-ass jam called "Crazy Lips," that sounds like a runaway train in a shook-up soda bottle. And THEN came his song about the CAT FUNERAL! (Keith provided visual entertainment too, flapping his arms and pirouetting around the living room while singing along to his own songs, see pic at top.)

There were also some mighty entertaining dogs at the afterparty, graciously hosted by our friends Michael and Corey. Gitano brought Oso (Spanish for "bear") his excitable 110 pound rottweiler who loves to leap on people.
Mano y mano

A girl also brought over a black pomeranian who got along famously with Michael and Corey's little puffball dog Shafer. It WAS Valentine's Day...wonder if there are some little, gray puppies on the way.
Kiss, kiss.

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  1. I used to have a rottweiler and a pomeranian only my pom was orange 🙂 How cuuute!

  2. i did a support spot at a dan baird gig in scotland and had the pleasure of meeting you keith you were the only guy i ever met who enjoyed a can of scottish beer called mcewans export ugh still great to meet you all the last show in glasgow was brilliant hope to catch you guys again hurry back to us please were drowning in a sea of trash in britain we need lots more rock n roll

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