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What’s In A Name? Springsteen Close-Up

Raised a few eyebrows in Heathenland last week when I sent out an e-mail saying I was gonna' play New Heathens songs with a different cast of characters at a gig down in Baltimore. I didn't book the gig as the "New Heathens," but still wanted to make sure that people who enjoy New Heathens songs knew they were gonna' hear 'em. Walked into the bar and the bartenders said, "Hey, we had no idea who this weird band from New York City was gonna' be but as soon as you walked in we knew it was the New Heathens!"

Sigh. What's in a name?

Ol' Bruce Springsteen is making me post video of him for the second time in two weeks. The first time it was for his chill-inducing performance of The Rising on the Lincoln Monument for Obama. This time it was for his ham-and-cheesefest at the Super Bowl halftime show. Watch him at around 3:40 on this video slide on his knees and nail the camera with his crotch. Extreme close-up! Love the sheepish look he gives right after.

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