New Heathens


In a little bit of a funk right now and last night's gig didn't help. I won't go into specifics, but it was a last minute thing, basement bar, lotsa' covers, six people watching and no money. Everybody I was with partied a little hard for a Wednesday and I wasn't feeling it ("Hey man wanna' buy some..." "No thanks.") So I cut out around 3 a.m., bummed that I wasn't cool enough to have fun in that scene, miffed at myself for being bored with it.

It's easy to do a lot of bummer gigs in New York. So many joints to play, so many people trying to use your juice to make them money. It's common to lose energy, burn out and get disillusioned. I'm still struggling to find a good balance for myself.

I will say, my solo acoustic residency at Banjo Jim's has been a real pleasure. It's so nice to play my own music for good people, in a good room that I have great associations with. Looking forward to Friday. Sorry that it's the last one. For now

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