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El Almacen: My Favorite New Restaurant

Friends, I want to tell you about my new favorite restaurant, El Almacen, at 557 Driggs Ave, right outside the exit on first subway stop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This brand new Argentine cafe is comfortable, romantic, fun, the food is off the charts and it's amazing for the price (particularly as it's BYOB until they get a liquor license).

I want to show you some photos of food, folks and fun at El Almacen, so scroll down and you'll get an idea of what a meal is like there.

This is Diego, a native of Buenos Aires, wonderful dude and co-owner of the restaurant.

Here's a snap of a plate of fine meats, olives, pickles, nuts & mustard that you can snack on while deciding what to eat.

Appetizers could be chips & guacamole...

...or empanadas...

...or a spinach salad with beets and flakes of cheese...

This is what said salad looks like being made.

I'll pause here between courses to introduce you to Eduardo (on the right), one of the waiters there.

OK, main course. My favorite is the tilapia with sweet potatoes and pine nuts.

But the beef is good enough for me to renounce vegetarianism.

As is the chicken.

The specials change daily.

I want to include a couple shots that suggest the vibe at El Almacen, which is just so fun and awfully friendly. Here's Diego, serving up the love.

The waitstaff has a good time.

But the diners have a better time (note: actual diners!)

And dessert? You bet. Check out the flan. Wow.

And the churros y chocolate.

Full disclosure: sometimes around closing time spontaneous singalongs have been known to break out.

What do the regulars have to say about El Almacen?


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