New Heathens

GREAT Banjo’s Finale

Oh man, what a pleasure it was to do a month long residency at Banjo Jim's. The last one was the best. Such an honor to look out in the crowd and see so many of MY favorite musicians staring back at ME. Roscoe was there, so was Charlene and her band (Charlene came up and sang a couple with me, which is always such a treat), Mike from The Izzys came out, so did my great friend Alex Battles. Lindy Loo and CW were there. So was Butch from the New Heathens. Add some old friends and a foxy girlfriend and I was a happy dude.
Singing with Charlene.

Hope to have a video of a song from the show to post on YouTube very soon...

Thanks to Banjo Drina for booking me for the month, (and thanks to both her and her hubby Dave for coming out to listen).

Really is a treat and an honor to play your own songs to good people. Thanks to YOU for reading this blog!

OK, back to mixing the New Heathens record (I'm sitting on the studio couch listening to playbacks as I type this!)

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