New Heathens

Mac is Back!

True believers.

Hey! That's Brandy Wood and me with Ian McClagan from the Faces. Ian, of course, tickled the ivories for the Stones, Rod Stewart and Bruce Springsteen. Tonight he did an in-store gig at Virgin Megastore and rocked the rooster out of tunes off his new record...

...Which, incidentally, is being released by the record label 2 Minutes 59 Records, which was started by my friend Abe Bradshaw. I met Abe in October 2001, about a month after I moved to New York City. He was one of my first friends, I'm happy we're still friends, and I'm psyched that the label he started is releasing such cool music.

By the way, check out the recent Ian McClagan post by my favorite musician blogger, Terry Anderson. (Note Chip Robinson and I have the exact same expression. Ha.)

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