New Heathens

One Extreme to the Other

The second weekly installment of my happy hour residency at Banjo Jim's went really good. Thanks again to Charlene for coming to sing with me. Played a bunch of new songs, plus some songs off the first Heathens record that I haven't done for a while.

On Saturday I got together with The Goods, the band I hooked up with a couple months after moving to New York in 2001. We played hard for a bunch of years and then tapered off as various members moved out of the city and bred and I tried make something happen with original music. We did a "reunion show" at the Bitter End on Bleecker Street Saturday night, played the same Stones and Marshall Tucker covers that we've done for seven years, and about 150 people turned out (about 10 times more than my OWN shows draw!) It was a good time and for a song I got my Michelle Pfeiffer on and sang while writhing on top of a grand piano.

Don't ask about the details. Suffice to say it was the opposite extreme of what I did at Banjo's on Friday night, just trying to put my own songs across with nothing but my voice and an acoustic guitar.

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