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Coming on the heels of this hilarious Russell Crowe blog by my favorite rock 'n' roll blogger, Terry Anderson, I have some things to say myself.

Saw the movie State of Play this weekend, and it's a really, really good drama. One of the things that made me laugh, however, was Russell Crowe's spot-on impersonation of, well, me.

See, Russell plays a newspaper reporter in the movie. From the empty food bags and full notebooks strewn around his kinda' crappy car, to the Robert Johnson poster in his apartment, to the copy of "Blue Blood" by Edward Conlon on his desk Mr. Crowe had down details from my life.

And then there's his long, shaggy hair.

The hair I find particularly funny. I know a lot of reporters and, other than Mr. Crowe, I've never seen one with hair like mine (photographers are a different story...)

Here are a few snapshots of me actually out doing journalism work juxtaposed with stills of Russell Crowe in State of Play. See any similarities?

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