New Heathens


Been crazy working all week on the Craigslist Killer story so I didn't have time to send out an e-mail blast about the gig in Raleigh until about 3 a.m. Because we're kinda' a different lineup, Old Heathen Eric Seftel, Butch, me & super bass chick Alison Jones, I didn't put "New Heathens Play Raleigh" in the subject line. I wrote "Butch, Eric & Nate Rock Raleigh" and then went on to mention that Alison was playing with us.

Landed in Raleigh (the Frankenraisen wouldn't have made it) got an e-mail from Eric who pointed out, as a friend of his had, that my e-mail made it sound like he, Eric, is back IN the New Heathens rather than on LOAN TO the New Heathens from Spanking Charlene.

So I'd like to take this opportunity to clarify that Eric Seftel, of Spanking Charlene, will be performing with me and Butch, of the New Heathens, this weekend in Raleigh.

Since the band started going through some pretty painful lineup changes more than a year ago I've spent a lot of time aggrieved over what and who exactly are "New Heathens." This might be the best I can do. Here's a list of people who have played onstage with us and their honorary "Heathen" status:

Butch Phelps = New Heathen
Domenick Tiziano = New Heathen in absentia
Brandy Wood = New Shethen
Eric Seftel = New Heathen circa' 2006-2008, currently on loan from Spanking Charlene
Tony Graci = New Heathen studio drummer
Fabrice Gamon = New Heathen French drummer
Uwe Petersen = New Heathen German drummer
Shu Nakamura = New Heathen Japanese guitarist
Dan Ambrico = New Heathen American bassist
Drew Glacken = Honorary Heathen
Keith Christopher = Original Heathen
Charlene McPherson = New Heathens' best vocalist

And Nate Schweber = ???

So in the end I don't know what a "New Heathen" is or even what the "New Heathens" are. Better double check. Could YOU be a New Heathen?

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