New Heathens

Brother, Can You Spare A Guitar?

I'm all for guitar charity. Thinking about it, I've loaned my six strings to most everybody who's ever asked. Not even the drifter in Montana who borrowed it and pawned it dissuaded me (they say no guitar can play the blues unless it's been in a pawn shop at least once, so that counts right?)

When my buddy Abe called me up saying that a favorite band of his from Sweeden couldn't get their instruments through customs for some New York gigs, I hooked 'em up.

Discovered a rockin' new band too. MOA rock like a bastard child of Tina Turner and Bjork in fronting Dick Dale's band. (Note: that's my guitar on the right, in its sparkliest company since I abandoned my glam ambitions.)

Also caught a beautiful set by Marylee Kortes at the National Underground. On my way to see MOA at the Lit Lounge, I got a kick out of this Don't Walk sign, East Village style.

(Don't walk, but here's what you can do...)

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