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Master of Disaster

Rock and roll news for the week: Mastered the record on Tuesday. I never knew what mastering was until I made a record, so in case you're like me I'll explain. Mastering makes sure that every song on the CD is the same volume. Mixing, which we did a couple weeks ago, makes sure each instrument has the right volume and blends with all the others.

Mastering is also where you decide what order the songs will go in on the record. Seems like a tiny detail, right, especially in this iPod shuffle age? Nope. Big fights ensued.

Ain't being in a band fun?

Any band for that matter. Last night I was off to do a gig in Hell's Kitchen when the guitarist called an hour before showtime to say he couldn't make it because his dog was sick. That meant I had to pinch-hit on guitar. I often joke that my guitar playing isn't suitable for public consumption, but there it was center stage last night.

And it wasn't that bad. In fact, it's actually kinda' fun to play loud, electric guitar all night.

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