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More Raleigh Pix

Photos courtesy of The Fox...

This is us at our Saturday afternoon gig at Sadlack's Heroes, "A Raleigh Institution."

With Charlene, who is the coolest and most fun duet partner.

Chip also came up to help us sing one.

I heard this dancing dude is infamous around Raleigh. He sure made the gig more fun. Particularly when he did the splits.

Spanking Charlene tore it up too, par normal.

One of the things I love about being a freelance reporter is the ability to turn anyplace, even a Spanking Charlene gig, into a satellite office.

That night we got to watch a special Yayhoos show, commemorating the 10th anniversary of Slim's (Slim's motto: "Where Bad Things Happen to Good People.") The Yayhoos are so good and fun it's scary. Here's Roscoe and Terry Anderson.

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