New Heathens

Not EVEN Cryin’ Wolf

Did my first gig with my new 12-string guitar at Banjo Jim's last Friday. I stayed in tune and had a good time. Thanks to my friend Eileen O'Sullivan (wife or Rich from Fourteen Feet) for the pix.

Remember, I'll be at Banjo Jim's every Friday at Happy Hour (7 p.m. sharp!) for the whole month of July. I'll play stuff from the first New Heathens record, as well as tracks from the brand new record...

Speaking of that long-awaited record, it's finally mixed, mastered AND sequenced. You didn't even read it here first. Roscoe confirmed it on his blog.

Last week I met with my great friend Michael St. George (who did my beautiful Banjo Jim's poster plus the last Gram Parsons tribute poster). We talked about cover art. That'll be the last piece of the puzzle we need before I send it to the factory for (minor) mass production.

I'm not EVEN cryin' wolf, this record is comin'.

And it's a good 'un too.

Apologies to anybody who tried to surf into this site during the day or so it was down. Back up and running again.

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