New Heathens

Jeff Ament

For you Pearl Jam fans out there, here's an article I wrote about bassist Jeff Ament.

I got the assignment from my friend Brianne, editor of Montanan Magazine, the alumni mag for the University of Montana, (where Jeff and I were both students).

It's the second article I did for the magazine (the first being about Decemberists' songwriter/frontguy Colin Meloy). I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to write about two things I love the most, music & Montana (rather than what I usually write about, murder & mayhem -- As I type this I'm in New Haven, CT reporting on the slaying of a Yale student.)

Jeff was very gracious.

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  1. Going to pass this along to my music group…we have some Pearl Jam fans and New Heathens fans, too (of course)!

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