New Heathens

Nowhere Zen New Jersey Pt. 2

Somewhere else in Newark...

File this pic under "composing or decomposing." In an effort to get myself out of a creative rut, and out of the distractions of my own apartment, I checked into a spare room in the bachelor pad of my friend Mark Bonamo in Newark, NJ. The goal? Write some songs. He snapped this pic early one morning after I was up late working on a tune (about gangster Dutch Schultz!) Note pen and paper on bed, guitar against the far wall and Grolch bottles on the floor. Thanks Mark.

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  1. That's so bohemian!

  2. Dude… you doin' all right?

  3. You crack me up when I need to laugh the most!!! LMAO!

    I will NOT post that pic on the Habitat for Humanity website…

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