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What Happens in Vegas…

I hadn't shaved in two weeks when I went to Las Vegas to work at my sweetheart's fashion trade show. Got a little creative with the razor and for a day I rocked the dirty upper lip and pretended I was straight outta' Starsky and Hutch. This dude had the t-shirt I needed. Free mustache rides, ladies. Vegas is a classy place.

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  1. I prefer your tshirt to his.

  2. I love free rides… oh wait a minute… now I get it… EEEWWWWWW.

  3. Well, what girl wouldn't like a free ride? I love that t-shirt!

    Sorry Tom was texting you while you and Kristen were in Vegas. He's working in Indiana until October so you're safe for now…but he says he won't go to another show till you get on his boat…(I'm pretty sure I have the power to change his mind)!

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