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Last Night’s Setlist

Was real proud to share a bill last night with four (count 'em FOUR) of my favorite artist-dudes; Matt Mays, Mike Ferrio, Chip Robinson and Kasey Anderson. Big thanks to Kasey for puttin' me on.

Seems to me a great idea for a blog is for it to be a setlist archive. Herewith:

Googie's Lounge, Oct. 22, 2009 (Solo acoustic)

I Get Excited
Brick City
Don't Think I Can't Stop (Just Because I Don't)
I Thought You Were My Friend
Bastard Like Me
Gaps In My Resume
Lawyers, Guns & Money (Zevon)
Back To Jesus
Proud Highway
July 1, Near Helena, MT

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  1. Damn. I missed Gaps In My Resume? I always wondered what happened to that song. How come you never play lower east side, ya bastard? I'm gonna start covering it if you don't want it.

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