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Urban Survival

Kids, it took me more than eight years to figure this out, but here's the key to living in a huge metropolis like New York City: do things that are very UN-urban. For example, find a trout stream where big browns are nailing streamers.Isn't this fun?When I caught this one, on a big, black wooly bugger, it had a 6-inch half-digested chub hanging from his mouth. Gnarly!Ah, but the scenery was just lovely. Or go to a shooting range, like Smurfette did, cashing in a gift certificate I'd given her for her birthday for a full day of handgun instruction. Smurfette shot so well that my emotions vacillated between pride and anxiety. Seemed like every time her gun went "pop!" I heard the target she aimed at go "ding!" Best be a good Smurf. Listen to a great song about the south. All day I spun the Warren Zevon album, "Mr. Bad Example," which features the magnificent song "Renegade." However the album version is way too over-the-top and overproduced. This is the ultimate version of the tune. Remember, at the end of a glorious, sunny, late-fall day spent sharpshooting and flyfishing, bring it all back home. You might recognize the dinner entree on the right from one of the photos above (caught, mind you, in one of the streams that gives NYC its drinking water, so I'm as confident that it's as healthy as I'm positive it was delicious). You might also recognize the sharpshooter.

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  1. Wow, must-see t.v. right here. Maybe another update with photos to your next trip to Wal-Mart to up the ante on the groundbreaking journalism.

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    This is a good site for groundbreaking journalism on Wal-Mart.

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