New Heathens

Zevon Rehearsals

Had a good, full-band rehearsal last night in preparation for this Warren Zevon-A-Thon that I'm putting together for Thursday, Nov. 12 at Banjo Jim's. I got some really great players for the backing band. (So good it's a little intimidating, honestly). I've got my buddy J.D. "Doggie" Hughes on drums, the lovely Alison Jones on bass, Rich Hinman from the Madison Square Gardiners on guitar and, because no Zevon tribute could fly without a piano fighter, Andy Mullen on the ivories.

It was really cool to run down the Zevon songbook last night. The tribute thing is kinda' big in this, whatever you want to dub it, New York circuit of roots-minded musicians whose enthusiasm is bigger than their album sales. (Some out there say the tribute thing is getting kinda' annoying).

I used to care. I did a bunch of tributes with the New Heathens and hoped they would attract a lot of people and I could show 'em my band and then people would like us. I put a lot of energy into that. It never worked out that way.

This one's different. Though I want people to turn out to this gig, I don't really care about attendance. I've got no band of my own to try and turn people on to this time. I'm just doing it because I love Warren Zevon. It'll be my birthday on Sunday the 15th, so this is kinda' my birthday present to myself: a buncha' friends hanging around and a whole night of Warren Zevon music.

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