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Hello Disaster: Reason for Hope in 2010?

My great friend Bob Wire really set me on the right path as an impressionable young man by teaching me that country music doesn't have to suck. In high school I associated country music with vicious, chaw-drooling, Wrangler-bursting, Stetson bobbling knuckledraggers all hell-bent to kick the shit out of me because they thought I was gay.

Bob Wire's bands, first the Fencemenders and now the Magnificent Bastards, taught me that if you turned off country radio and put in the right CDs (Bottle Rockets, Blue Mountain, Beat Farmers, Steve Earle, Todd Snider, BoDeans, etc.) so-called "country music" could rock like the damn Stones. It could be smart and funny too. Like Bob.

Bob's a renaissance man; songwriter, graphic designer, author, political provocateur, dad, husband of the lovely Barb Wire, and blogger. I bookmark him on the great website New West.

His rollicking recap of the suck that was 2009 ruled. I'm both flattered and fearful that one of the only things he's got to hold on to for hope that 2010 will be better is a record called "Hello Disaster."

Read the blog here.

Mick in Leeds, UK, your copy is on its way!

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