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From Carrie:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new album!!!! My Fav is Thankless War. Adore it! Lil Dylan Flavor. And Butch was Super Awesome with Pig Pen. Not saying the first album was bad...... but this one is STELLAR! Jim really likes it too. So, obviously, I really like this one. Prolly order a couple more albums from you. I was talkin' to Travis about it (Have been accosting random mutual friends) and he asked if there was a way to listen to clips before purchase. Apparently, $15 is a lot of "Scrilla" for some "dawgs." So, you guys should set that up. I have tons of people I can turn on to you if you did. Until then, I fully intend to roll the windows down in January on my Yukon, blast the album for all of the "Perfect Plastic People" in the over priced, over suctioned pit that IS Virginia Beach! They'll like it. Or they can kiss my ass. OK, enough with the rant. I'll help where I can...
So, congrats on a truly capital job on the new album. My couch lesbian is still drooling over the pin up girls on the front. I assume they are Lido's work?
OK, really done. It's like 11:18 pm and for a mother of two that has a horrific migraine (taking Imitrex and Percocet which explains my reverting BACK to my abrasive high school pinache!) and I feel the need to take my lil bit high ass to Snoozleville.


Travis, Carrie and anybody else wanting to hear some of the songs on Hello Disaster, please (get your 2005 on and) visit the New Heathens MySpace page,

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