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Elbo Room Chicago 2.11.10

Great to play Chicago again and really a treat to share a stage with my good friend Dan McGuinness. Can't say enough good things about the dude. He's as generous as they come, he's a hard worker and it sure is a treat to hear him sing. Do yourself a favor and pick up his song, "Blue Diamond Revival."

Lord of his domain: Dan.

Dan and I traded sets the whole night. Here's what I did.
Set 1. Crybaby/I Thought You Were My Friend/Thankless War/Don't Think I Can't Stop (Just Because I Don't)/Bastard Like Me/Proud Highway/Lawyers Guns & Money (Zevon)/Feelin' Lucky Again
Set 2. Getaway Baby/141/When She's Wasted/Back To Jesus/Wild Horses (Jagger/Richards)/July 1, Near Helena, MT/Kansas Romeo/For Cryin' Out Loud (Keith Christopher/Yayhoos)
Set 3. I Get Excited/Lucky Day/Elemental/Before You Were My Baby/Born On Third Base/Only You, Lonely Me/Keep Me/Whatever Makes You Happy/Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Dylan)

This was cool. This lady, Carole, went to high school with my mom, got back in touch with her recently on Facebook, and came out to the show. Far out.

Likewise my mom's cousin Steve, Dee and friends Julia & Jason came out. Great to see you all.

Be it visiting family, wandering around Wrigleyville, eating good, thick pizza, listening to WXRT 93.1 FM or hanging out with my great friend Dan, I love Chicago. It was great to be back!

Thanks to the Elbo Room.

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