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And My Jagger Beats Yours, Jimmy

This video recently came back on my radar screen. I was reminded of it from all the fun I had watching Jimmy Fallon's tribute to the Rolling Stones. Fallon dedicated a week's worth of music on his show to the re-release of the Rolling Stones' classic corker Exile on Main St., a record that seems to be on every desert island list by members of the elite rockerati. Fallon had some great artists doing slammin' covers of Exile tracks, a surprise Keef interview, and one hilarious skit with Mick, Keith and Charlie.

The New Heathens did our own Exile on Main St. tribute a few years ago. We called it "Exile Off Main St." We put it on in the big back room at Galapagos, back when it was in Williamsburg. We booked about ten bands and between us all, we covered every tune on Exile. That's what this video is from.

It was a great night. The room was packed and the bands smoked. I remember Tammy Faye Starlight, one of the only performers who can make me blush, covering "Cocksucker Blues." I also remember somebody stole my cowboy boots backstage. But that's inconsequential.

In keeping with the Stones tradition of "soul and show," we really tried to kick out the jams. I got my friend Mike Rukstad to write horn arrangements and wrangle us a saxophonist, trumpeter and 'boner, I mean, trombonist (they were dubbed "The Horns of Porn").  I also got my buddy "Doctor" Martin Goodman to play keyboards. Domenick cheeckily checked one of Keith Richards' iconoclastic t-shirts and showed up in a tee that read, "Who The Fuck Is Nate Schweber?"

And then there was the video montage. An uber-cool lady did this, lashing together clips from "Skinemax," (for scandal) Brokeback Mountain (for equality), I Love New York (for cultural relevancy), and Animal House (for hilarity). I must say, her talents in this realm are underutilized in her current role as a producer on a cable news show.

And so it was left for a rock band covering the Rolling Stones to do what a rock band covering the Rolling Stones does. The YouTube comments say it all, though I did receive many compliments for the cinematic/choreographic synchronization at 4:39.

Fallon was fun all week and though it sounds 50 times better on vinyl, I'm excited about the Exile re-release.

But much as I enjoyed Fallon's Exile tribute; Jimmy, we beat you. See the video for yourself.

(What's this got to do with anything? Live band Stones Karaoke tonight at Bar Nine, 9 p.m. We're all in the mood.)

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